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Player nickname: china.
Player LJ: [ profile] frottage.
Way to contact you: AIM, plurk or LJ PMs.
Email: garudyne [at]
AIM: skirtflip.
Other: lj pm is preferable, however if anyone would like my plurk they're free to ask for it.
Are you at least 15?: y.
Current Characters: n/a.

Character: feferi peixes.
Fandom: mspa: homestuck.
Character Notes:

it all starts with a game of sburb from an alternate universe that has yet to be created... (a game which was found by aradia in a really big hole in the middle of some ruin. wahoo!) the game finds itself in the paws of sollux, who salvages what he can and creates from it a game known as sgrub, which is an infinitely more catchy name and whoever doesn’t think so is wrong.

long before feferi’s introduction, karkat starts a programmed virus because he’s fucking stupid which curses him and everyone he will ever meet. it explodes his computer into a million little pieces and then suddenly everyone’s lusus starts dying.


(ok, so the curse has nothing to do with the death of 11 sweet custodians, but it’s more interesting if you think of it that way. what the curse actually did was force the two teams to combine into a single sgrub session. some curse, huh.)

still a bit before her introduction, feferi is shown talking to kanaya about her moirail eridan. although at this point she is still known as nothing but cC and everything is very secretive and vague. except for the fact that she and cA are moirails and nothing more. the palest of pale reds. very pale. nothing else.

when she is finally introduced, feferi enters the medium and it's revealed that sollux is her server player, and that he saved her life and is her hero. it should also be noted that eridan's server player is feferi. together, they proceed to have a very awkward conversation about their moirallegience. feferi reasons that because they are both in the game and her lusus is dead, there is no reason to watch over each other any more and that they should both be friends, just friends.

after that she jumps out of her little fishbowl house, straight through the second gate, without any need to build stairs or whatever to get up there. apparently, sollux is in trouble and she has to help him.

however, sollux isn't in trouble at all! in fact, he's dead. karkat wasn't able to connect to him fast enough, and the meteors killed him. so feferi does what any glubby fishy princess would do and kisses him back to life (in the troll world, this is a way to wake a troll's dream self). she fights off nasty, flying brains as she waits for sollux's dream self to show up. then they go on a badass adventure together through the gates, fighting off brains and slime and fun things like that. a few times they are stopped by eridan who challenges sollux to dual.

the game goes on without a hitch, until the 12 trolls are ready to face the black king. they win, thanks to the combined efforts of sollux, aradia, and a lucky roll by vriska (apparently, gamzee did some major damage before that though. not that that's relevant). however, the game isn't over yet. The Scratch happens, and jack noir, prototyped with jade's dog becquerel, leaks into the troll's session. the trolls are forced into hiding.

loads of things happen that aren't really relevant to feferi and then prospit is destroyed. feferi and nepeta's dream selves are killed by jack noir, and then derse is completely destroyed. despite warnings (TAKE THAT, KARKAT), feferi goes asleep anyway and meets jade in a dream bubble, which is what happens when you fall asleep without a dream self. jade promptly FLIPS THE FUCK OUT and the dream turns into a nightmare. good job, jade!

they have a somewhat civil conversation which mostly consists of feferi being a little bit catt(fish)y.

she wakes up on gamzee's big pile of horns, and is joined by sollux. they then proceed to talk about feelings, the eventual explosion of aradia and junk like that. later, they have a discussion with kanaya about the matriorb. right as kanaya is going to hatch said orb, eridan bursts in. he stomps over to feferi and sollux and tries to weave a convincing speech on why feferi should join him so they can rule under jack noir together. yeah, jack noir, remember that guy? the guy who destroyed like every universe ever? he and sollux then have this super badass duel despite feferi's pleading in the background.

spoilers: eridan wins. sollux is knocked out, feferi is killed.

that isn't the end of feferi, of course! thank you, homestuck! instead she is confined to dream bubbles; this is where she has her second conversation with jade, which goes a lot like the first until they both remember that this has already happened before.

she isn't seen again after this point, because of the ongoing canon.


Out of all 12 of the Alternian trolls, Feferi is one of the quirkiest and by far the most upbeat! She stands at a modest 6 Alternian sweeps old—13 in human years—and is associated with the astrological sign of Pisces, which plays into some aspects of her overall personality.

The first thing that needs to be cleared up is the common misconception that Feferi is weak because of her surface cheer, optimism and seeming naivity. This is absolutely not true and quite frankly a little insulting to the future Empress to the Alternian throne! Compared to the other trolls, you could certainly say that Feferi is optimistic and cheery, but only because nobody around her is. It is considered untroll-like behavior, and causes her come across as a little naive, though in actuality she is just as ruthless as the rest of them. Stupid is not a word you could use to describe Feferi Peixes and neither is immature, despite how she comes across at first glance. She is a strong induvidual and refuses to give up, even when things look their worst.

As a race, compared to the society we are used to, trolls are considered to be a quite violent and cutthroat culture. Killing each other is normal practice, insults are thrown around like confetti at a wedding, feelings are rarely brought in to play and anger is the most common emotion. Trolls are dangerous induviduals, and Feferi is no exception. While she does not condone the senseless culling of trolls by way of Imperial Drone, she will not hesitate to get her hands dirty when angered or when the situation calls for it. Though it isn’t something she particularly enjoys, she believes in the greater good and knows when some things just need to be done, such as orphaning hundreds of young trolls in order to feed their Lusii to her mother, keeping the entire planet alive or attacking Eridan for killing her matesprit. She is very set on her ideals, and gets quite angry when they aren’t agreed with, though she is open for discussion. Except if the topic is ‘why highbloods are better than lowbloods’, because that is something that she just will not believe in.

The hemospectrum is a huge deal for trolls young and old alike, so it is a big thing that Feferi does not condone it at all. She can’t wrap her head around the fact that what runs inside your veins dictates what kind of life you are supposed to live—though she is at the very top of the hemospectrum, with blood even higher than the current empress, she honestly believes that her life is worth no more than an honest rustbloods’.

Feferi is a lover of livings things—all living things. All of them. She has a certain fondness for aquatic fauna, from the spongey coral to the slimy seaweed, as well as pretty much ever living sea creature that currently exists. In her free time she enjoys taking care of aquatic hoofbeats, which are essentially sea horses—not to be confused with seahorses—giving them big colorful ribbons and grooming them every day. And it isn’t unsual to find her somewhere at the bottom of the ocean, caring for all the sea fauna, even though it doesn’t need caring for and it’s too damn dark to see down there anyway. However, cuttlefish are definitely what she is most known for. Much like the old lady with too many cats, Feferi has so many cuttlefish she barely knows what to do with them all. She keeps them caged in her palace but with all the doors open so they may swim freely and provide a badass backdrop for some pretty damn cool LARPing.

As the troll who brought Pisces into the world, Feferi has many of the common traits of someone born under that particular sign! The most prominent being the fact that she is very caring and always open to listening to other people’s problems, no matter how trivial, and she regards the feelings of others quite highly. This is a very important trait for the future empress, leaving her rules and regulations open to compromise! She will willingly listen to complaints, and her strong backbone keeps her from being walked all over by the people.

It could also be said that Feferi is fearless. She will not blink or flinch or walk away when faced with a task that will be difficult or frightening; she will face it head on. When Eridan goes apeshit bananas and knocks out Sollux, Feferi does not try to run or hide—she turns to that fucker with her trident at the ready. While she probably did not expect that the outcome would turn out in her favor, she would have been happy to know that she did everything she could do.

And reiterating on an important fact: Feferi Peixes is not all sunshine and rainbows. As a troll, she is prone to a nasty kind of sick, twisted kind of playful banter, as is the norm for her culture. She openly mocks Eridan to his face, telling him to cut it out with his emotional theatrics and calls him various names to Kanaya at one point. She has also been known to call Jade a handful of quite detrimental names, often followed up with a ‘just kidding!’, because as the former future empress, it is important that aspects of her culture are not misunderstood! Sometimes things just slip out, however. A few more examples of this are when she plays a nasty joke on Vriska, then laughing when Vriska offers her help. To Sollux, the most important person to her, she told him to ‘shut his mopey glubhole’, further confirming that in troll culture, trading nasty words is quite normal.

Though she is very friendly and thoughtful, it is almost to a level of fault. When she is dicussing feelings with Sollux on the pile or horns, she is constantly asking others if they want to join in, despite the fact that Sollux would most certainly not be comfortable with his emotional problems being broadcast to the world, and that there is absolutely no more room for anyone else, anyway. This implies that she is most willing to share absolutely anything to anyone, provided they ask. She isn’t shy at all in the slightest.There is nothing wrong with blurting out all your emotional problems to the world.
Through her willingless to actually listen, Feferi is the only one who never once belived that the prototyping of Jade’s dog Becquerel was her fault and tells her as much, being very honest and frank while speaking to an alien of another species. She is by far the most understanding and accomidating of all the trolls, not condoning to the ‘quick fix’ method of placing blame. This ties in with the prophesy that her Lusus whispered to her about her uniting the two races, which at the time she believed to be land and sea dwellers, but in actuality were humans and trolls. Which she did, by establishing the dream bubble system. Not bad for a minor character.
And finally, the most recognizable and most called-upon aspect of her personality is that she is quite excitable. Throughout the entire adventure, it was not uncalled of to hear her go on and on about how very exciting it all was! Which, let’s face it, you would be too if you had lived nowhere but the bottom of the ocean your entire life.

In conclusion, while Feferi is overly gentle for a troll, she is in no way ditzy, stupid or naive, and is able to see the bigger picture rather than all the little shambles. Her maturity, though seemingly nonexistent, is actually at a much higher level than anyone else of only thirteen years.

about that typing quirk! every troll has an obnoxious typing quick, and feferi is no exception. for the most part, she types with proper grammar, full stops and capital letters all where they should be. however, when excited or for emphasis, she'll often turn to her beloved capslock key.

she constantly makes... really bad fish puns, to emphasis her fishy origins. if it fits, she'll also cram names of fish into people's names. instead of H's, she'll use reversed parenthesis, like so )(!. this looks incredibly similar to the astrological symbol for pisces, and that reason is probably her intention (however it also resembles her horns). and finally, she will add dashes before capital e's to make cool looking tridents. when she gets excited, more dashes are added and she says this is her launching her trident. --------E!

she doesn't have a heart, but instead has a "collapsing and expanding bladder based aquatic vascular system".

she can breathe underwater, obviously, but can also still breathe on the surface, which hints towards her having lungs capable of breathing simple oxygen as well as the oxygen in water.

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