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2025-06-03 05:32 am

ic contact

CC: I'm not )(ere rig)(t now!
CC: Leave me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
CC: Glub glub. 38)
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2011-05-08 01:25 pm

(no subject)


this is fef's text permission post. she probably has one of the worst typing quirks which goes a little

Like t)(is!
For t)(e most part s)(e uses proper grammar. )(owever, s)(e's an avid user of CAPSLOCK TO -EXPR-ESS )(-ER -EXCIT--EM----ENT! And sneaks in fis)( puns w)(erever s)(e can. 38)

please let me know here if this quirk bothers you, as she can drop it, drop the text entirely, or just not tag you at all. i know homestuck rubs some people the wrong way, so i don't want to step on any toes.
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2011-05-08 12:11 pm

(no subject)


how's my driving? if you've got any issues with the way i'm playing feferi, please let me know!
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2011-05-08 11:51 am


Player nickname: china.
Player LJ: [ profile] frottage.
Way to contact you: AIM, plurk or LJ PMs.
Email: garudyne [at]
AIM: skirtflip.
Other: lj pm is preferable, however if anyone would like my plurk they're free to ask for it.
Are you at least 15?: y.
Current Characters: n/a.

Character: feferi peixes.
Fandom: mspa: homestuck.
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